Montorio FC on the front line against violence against women

At Montorio FC we have introduced the theme of raising awareness against violence to the point of having printed the iconic "red shoes" on the official game shirt for some years. Our kids, from 10-year-olds to our senior team, have joined this campaign against violence by imitating the example of the great champions.

Wearing the red shoes, a symbol of the fight against violence against women, on our game shirt is a conscious choice. It's a way of feeling responsible for our example on the pitch and in life, of transmitting the values ​​of a club that has become a family through football. We believe that diversity is a richness and that education in respect is essential for cultivating new aware generations and individuals who are protagonists of a better future.

Every year we try to raise awareness of this issue, organizing special events to coincide with the international day against violence (November 25), as well as during the holiday season. During the Christmas period, the room is decorated with bows and red shoes and we invite mothers and trade associations to share their experience.

This initiative has received wide acceptance and we will continue to promote the message of non-violence through football.