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OBJECT:: Montorio FC is completing the renovation of the sports facility in Via dei Cedri. Communication pursuant to article 1 paragraph 626 of Law no. 145/2018 - Adequate Advertising.

With the approval of a supplementary Variant to the original works with which the approved synthetic grass soccer field was built and completed (996/2), additional and completion works were authorised.

The Società Montorio FC, concessionaire of the facility, is carrying out the redevelopment of the spaces so that these structures can be used intensively and always in ideal playing conditions by local amateur and youth teams.

The use of the new synthetic field, completed and approved according to the original project, has resulted in the different needs and ways of using the ancillary spaces, in particular the green areas adjacent to the two fields. These areas in the project are identified as AREA B.

In summary, therefore, in Area B, an intervention was proposed and approved which, as mentioned above, will make the management of the spaces present in area A more optimal by virtue of the authorizations obtained listed in the margin.

The works in progress are carried out according to the legislative provision pursuant to art. 20 of the FRAMEWORK LAW FOR PUBLIC WORKS: "Public work carried out at the expense of the private sector".

The works were authorized by the Municipality of Verona with the following provisions:

  Technical clearance for the realization of the work prot. no. 250708 of 22.07.2019;

– Landscape Authorization with prot. no. 06.03/002837/2019 of 14.06.2019;

– Monumental Civil and Plant Engineering Building Authorization prot. no. 267865 of 06.08.2019;

– Authorization 8th District prot. no. 254342 of 24.07.2019;

– City Council resolution n. 254/2019 of 08.05.2019;

– Determination no. 4574 of 26.09.2019;

– Determination no. 4688 of 02.10.2019 (amendment of Resolution no. 4574 of 26.09.2019 limited to the CUP);

– Variant to the original Landscape Authorization approved with prot. no. 06.03/007135/ of 2020;

  City Council resolution n. 720/2021 dated 27/01/2022;

  Practical landscape authorization n.2023/06.03/01219 n. 04265640237 – 23012023 – 1709 on 27/01/2023;

The original reasons that led Montorio FC to approach this design and executive solution arose from the awareness that the Municipal Administration, having many plants to manage, could not guarantee the Company such a profound adaptation intervention on the Via dei Cedri plant. The Company has therefore embarked on a virtuous path through self-financing instruments and other procedures according to State provisions.

In particular, by adhering to an initiative deriving from the GOVERNMENT SPORT OFFICE called SPORT BONUS, the Company has collected most of the finances necessary for the construction of the works and for the missing amounts it has provided, and will provide directly, with a loan through a credit facility with a bank.

The SPORT BONUS is a benefit as a tax credit recognized "to natural persons, non-commercial entities as well as to all companies, exercised individually and collectively, ...." which applies to cash donations that they make to a recipient who is the concessionaire or custodian of a public sports facility, on which the same will intervene directly, in the forms provided for by the Law. The intervention must be of maintenance or restoration or restructuring or of new construction.

A brief and concise summary list of the works follows:

  • Adjustment of the natural grass area to be made available to the football school;
  • Adjustment of the area available in synthetic grass to be made available to the football school and the younger competitive teams with relative lighting system;
  • Creation of a platform to serve the spectators between the approved synthetic field and the area available in synthetic grass;
  • Formation of the spectator area access slide for the removal of architectural barriers;
  • Replacement of the wire mesh of the fences inside the plant;
  • Creation of a play platform for children;
  • Construction of irrigation systems in the areas adjacent to the main field;
  • Implementation of protection tools at the edges of the fields;
  • Renovation and adaptation of the external area and the rooms used as changing rooms;

The overall economic framework of the work is equal to 357,474.75 euros;
Through the SPORT BONUS procedure relating to the year 2022, the Company has collected a total of Euro 238,00.00 which has already been fully used in the execution of the works in question;

The project was drawn up by Eng. Massimo Palvarini of Verona who is also the construction manager.

The Sole Responsabie of the Procedure is Eng. Giuseppe Meneghelli of Verona.

The works are in progress.