Social responsability

At Montorio FC, we are deeply committed to not only sporting excellence, but also making a positive difference in our community. We believe football has the power to bring people together and inspire social change. Our social responsibility is a fundamental part of our DNA, and we are proud to share our efforts with you outside the field.

We support local charitable initiatives, promoting solidarity and inclusion through football. We partner with non-profit organizations to provide sporting opportunities for underprivileged youth, encouraging them to develop their skills and talent in the world of football.

We also organize events and campaigns to raise funds in support of significant social causes. Since 2019 we have been proudly displaying on our game uniforms (from the first team to the entire youth sector, a symbol - the Red Shoes - which represents our commitment to raise awareness among athletes and our public on the issue of violence against women. Through these and other initiatives for the fight against bullying – such as awareness conferences on the subject, with the presence of specialists – we are determined to become promoters in social awareness.

Our commitment is not limited to just an occasional action, but is an integral part of our mission as a Club. We want to be a beacon of positivity in our community and help create a better future for everyone.

Since 2022 we have proudly presented our "Special Team", a team reserved for children with disabilities that offers them the opportunity to play football. By supporting Montorio FC, you support inclusion and the opportunity for everyone to experience the passion of football.

By supporting Montorio FC, you are also supporting our commitment to social responsibility. Together we can make a difference!